Statement from the Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine, Michael Creed TD, on today’s Beef Talks

09 September 2019

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, TD, expressed disappointment today at developments in relation to the beef dispute and urged the parties to engage in a positive way to resolve the current impasse: 

“I have this evening engaged with the chairman of the beef talks to receive a report on today’s proceedings.  


MII indicated today that it is unwilling to enter talks in circumstances where factory gates continue to be blockaded. Despite this I have made the chairman of the talks available to all parties with a view to determining a basis to get the parties back to the table. I remain convinced that that the only way to resolve these significant  challenges for the sector is by negotiation, and that progress can be made on key issues if the parties approach talks in a positive spirit.  


I can certainly understand farmer frustration at market conditions that see many producing beef at a significant loss and of course of the closure of meat plants is in nobody’s best interests.  I am concerned that today’s events will only serve to entrench positions and risk prolonging this very damaging dispute. Processors and farmers are mutually dependent and the future of the beef sector depends on the development of a commercial relationship built on a recognition that this is the case. 


Having met with protesting farmers from across the Country and having consulted widely with political colleagues it is abundantly clear that the nature of this protest is complex and that channels of communication are unclear. The normal channels  of engagement which may apply to such disputes regrettably have not applied  as effectively in this instance. I ask MII to reflect on this reality and to make every effort to avoid action that might lead to a further deterioration in relationships in what is already an intractable dispute. 


I would repeat my request that all stakeholders consider their positions carefully now, and take a step back from action that has the potential to be damaging for the sector as a whole,  in order to allow space for meaningful talks to take place.”   




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