Creed highlights Brexit preparedness and Environmental Sustainability at the 20th meeting of the Food Wise 2025 High Level Implementation Committee

31 January 2019

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed T.D., today chaired the 20th meeting of the Food Wise 2025 High Level Implementation Committee (HLIC), where Brexit is a standing agenda item.

Minister Creed, referring to Brexit, said; “The Food Wise 2025 HLIC meetings provide an opportunity for my Department, other Government Departments and all of the relevant state agencies to review Brexit developments as they affect the agri-food sector. Today we reviewed the current state of play in the negotiations, particularly in light of recent developments in London, and discussed progress in relation to contingency planning for a disorderly Brexit” .

The other agenda item at the HLIC was environmental sustainability, one of the five cross-cutting themes of Food Wise 2025.  Minister Creed concluded by saying; “In the context of our national ambitions on climate action in particular, it is important that we have a coordinated approach including all stakeholders, right along the food chain from farmers to industry. It is also important that  there is a shared understanding of the challenges facing the agri-food sector, notwithstanding the significant environmental sustainability contribution already attributable to the sector”.

Note for editors

The Food Wise High Level Implementation Committee (HLIC) was established by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine following the publication of Food Wise in July 2015 to ensure a coordinated, comprehensive and coherent approach by Government Departments and State Agencies to implementing the Food Wise 2025 actions.

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